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AM backs new Daily Post fitness map

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES has taken part in a new Daily Post survey aimed at gathering information about the fitness and exercise habits of people across North Wales.

The North Wales AM, who started his own running club at the Senedd when he became an Assembly Member in 2011, took the online survey at his desk this week.

The AM said more thought needed to be given to workplace fitness, for individuals who work away from home.


“I’m delighted to take part in the online survey and help the Daily Post find out more about the fitness and exercise habits of people across North Wales.

“I run quite regularly when I’m back home in Ruabon.  The best thing about this is that we have some outstanding landscapes in North Wales, so I think of jogging outdoors as the best free gym in the world.

“When I’m working away from home, I use a gym close to the Senedd and I also run a Tuesday morning running club for Assembly colleagues because I like to fit in exercise around the busy working schedule I have.

“I think more thought needs to be given to workplace fitness and encouraging employers to provide facilities and opportunities for individuals in their company to take care of their physical health.  It need not be strenuous, just a short 20 minute walk at lunchtime can do wonders.

“Importantly, things like this can help reduce absenteeism and make for a healthier workforce that helps the business or organisation.

“As someone who works away from home for part of the working week, as many people do in North Wales, I think more could be done to join up facilities.  For example, if you take out a local authority gym membership I think it would be great if this could allow you to use other public facilities across Wales.  This would help support community centres in particular who in many areas are struggling to keep numbers up.

“We need to think more creatively about health and wellbeing as obesity and weight-related health problems are a major problem.  I’d encourage everyone to take part in the Daily Post survey and I’ll make sure the results get fed back to the Minister for Health Lesley Griffiths.”