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AM calls for Welsh ‘Oyster Card’ to boost passenger numbers

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES has called on the Welsh Government to fast track development of a Welsh ‘Oyster Card’ for passengers using rail and bus services in North Wales.

The Welsh Government’s National Transport Plan published in 2010 contained a pledge to roll out a Welsh Transport Entitlement Card with integrated ticketing for bus and rail services by 2014

The Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers has projected that a seamless transfer between public transport services and operators could boost passenger numbers by 6%.

The AM called on the Government to prioritise work on the project and develop an integrated system of public transport across North Wales.


“The Welsh Government should give serious consideration to fast tracking the development of a Welsh Oyster Card for passengers using bus and rail services in North Wales.

“They have already indicated that a large scale pilot of the new integrated ticketing system is to be developed in the New Year and that plans to develop an all-Wales Entitlement Card are on track to be delivered by 2014.

“As a member of the Transport Committee in the Assembly I have seen compelling evidence that the introduction of such a scheme could help encourage an extra 6% to use public transport.  With decisions being made about the future shape of bus and rail services in the region it is important a scheme like this gets underway as quickly as possible.

“If we are to grow the economy then we have to make public transport easier to use and where a journey requires two or more different modes of travel, develop a seamless and integrated transfer in between.

“This will of course help urban areas such as Wrexham become easier to get to, but also help protect rural bus routes in my constituency by increasing passenger use and making them more attractive for service providers.”