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AM frustrated by lack of progress over new Brymbo school

An AM says he’s saddened and frustrated by the lack of progress over a long-awaited new school for Brymbo.

Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates recently asked the Welsh Government for an update and was told Wrexham Council had not prioritised the area.

He said: “I raised this with Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams, on behalf of the Plas Brymbo Residents Association, and she has confirmed that Wrexham Council opted not to prioritise Brymbo for investment through our 21st Century Schools programme.
“It’s a real shame, as I know from regularly talking to people in the area that a new school is something many have wanted for a long time. With new homes being built and more people moving into Brymbo and Tanyfron, the community needs this, and I can fully appreciate the frustration at the lack of progress.”

Mr Skates added: “The Welsh Labour Government is investing huge sums in new schools for our children, and I hope that Brymbo will benefit in the not-too-distant future if Wrexham Council decides to apply for funding.”

The Cabinet Secretary’s letter to Mr Skates stated: “The 21st Century Schools and Education Programme is a long-term strategic investment programme delivered over a series of funding bands. Band A of this funding, ending in 2018/19, will see a £1.4billion investment in education throughout all 22 local authority areas in Wales.
“Prioritisation of projects and their pace of delivery has been set by our delivery partners, which in this case is Wrexham Council. The Brymbo school scheme is not currently included as one of the projects to receive funding within Band A of the programme.
“The second band of investment (Band B) is scheduled to begin in April 2019, which will give the local authority an opportunity to consider projects for inclusion.”