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AM makes an exhibition of himself for lung cancer charity

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES this week became part of a new photographic exhibition to help raise awareness about lung cancer.

The exhibition is a project being organised by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation charity and shows photographs of AMs holding lung x-ray images, accompanied by statements explaining the reason for their involvement.

In Wales alone, over 2000 people were diagnosed with the disease in the year 2010.

The photographs are on display in a week-long, pop-up exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales from February 5th-8th 2013


“I’m proud to support the work being done by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of lung cancer in Wales and delighted to take part in the exhibition.

“Tragically, cancer has impacted on the lives of many individuals in my constituency of Clwyd South and robbed families of loved ones and special people. 

“Whilst there is much to be positive about in terms of the numbers of people who successfully fight the disease, it is vital that we re-double our efforts to raise awareness about cancer and the battle that still lies ahead.

“There are still very big issues to tackle such as ensuring earlier diagnosis, spotting signs and symptoms quicker, as well as making sure access to treatments happens quicker.

“The exhibition is a means of highlighting how early detection and diagnosis is key in the treatment and management of this disease for patients, their families and carers.”

The common signs and symptoms of lung cancer are listed below.

Anybody with the following symptoms for more than three weeks should make an appointment with their GP to get it checked out.

• A cough that doesn’t go away
• A worsening of a long standing cough
• Unexplained breathlessness
• Chest infections
• Coughing up blood
• Unexplained weight loss
• Chest and/or shoulder pains
• Unexplained tiredness or lack of energy
• Hoarse voice

For information on local support groups and general information on lung cancer issues call the freephone helpline on 0800 358 7200 or visit