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AM welcomes council tax support for households in Wrexham

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES has welcomed news that the Welsh Government will ensure households in Wrexham will get their full council tax benefit this year.

As a result of welfare changes the Conservative-led UK Government has introduced, there was to be a 10% cut in the amount of funding for Council Tax support in areas like Wrexham.

However the Welsh Government has now allocated an extra £22 million in funding to local authorities across Wales to help those entitled to support with their bills in 2013-14.

The additional funding will come from the Welsh Government’s own reserves and departmental budgets.

Labour AM Ken Skates, who sits on the Assembly’s Local Government Committee, said:

“I’m delighted that he Welsh Labour Government has stepped up to the mark and ensured vulnerable people in Wrexham who rely on Council Tax support will get their benefit in full this coming year.

“We should be very clear about this, the 10% funding cut from the coalition government is being made up by the Welsh Government who are making up the shortfall from their own funds. However this is the right thing to do to protect pensioners and families who rely on getting their annual benefit.

“The Tories would rather cut taxes for millionaires than support vulnerable people with their council tax benefit.  That’s why people in Wrexham are better off for having a Welsh Labour Government to protect them.

“The corrosive impact welfare cuts are having on communities in Wrexham is becoming much clearer now and as a Welsh Government committed to social justice it was right to take this step to top up the Council Tax benefit scheme.

“It’s turning out to be a cold, hard winter for vulnerable people in Wrexham – both in terms of the weather and the financial outlook.  It’s good news that they won’t suffer further as a result of the UK Government’s cuts to council tax benefit.”