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AM welcomes reduction in disengaged 16 year olds in Wrexham

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES has praised Wrexham Council for the work it has done in reducing the numbers of 16 year old school leavers disengaged from education, employment and training.

New Figures from Careers Wales show just 43 (3.2%) Year 11 school leavers in Wrexham were not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), having fallen from a high of 145 (9.6%) in 2008.

Across Wales 1471 (4.2%) 16 Year old school leavers were classed as NEET according the Careers Wales survey.

The AM praised the work education teams in Wrexham had done in bringing down the number of NEETs during a turbulent time for the local economy. 


“It’s pleasing to see that the numbers of sixteen year olds in Wrexham engaged in some form of meaningful education or training is on the rise and that we are doing more to prevent young people from being disengaged from the world of work and learning.

“The figures are pleasing because the improvement has happened at exactly the same time as the financial crash and economic slowdown has hit the Wrexham economy hard.  When young people begin to become disengaged from work or learning, it can become a huge barrier in their future careers.

“In 2008 Wrexham was one of the worst performing authorities in Wales when it came to the numbers of sixteen year olds not engaged in education, employment or training, being well above the Welsh average.  Today, it is one of the best performing, and below the Welsh average.

“I know there have been a lot of negative messages about Welsh education of late, but a lot of good work is being done day in, day out by our schools, colleges and workplaces to keep young people engaged in education, employment and training. 

“Youth unemployment is a big problem and we certainly have more work to do to bring down the numbers of young people detached from meaningful work or employment in Wrexham, but we are making important strides in key areas.”