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Ken Skates AM welcomes Welsh Government spending on North Wales roads

An AM has praised the Welsh Government’s ‘determination to address transport concerns’ after figures revealed high spending on the region’s roads.

Assembly Member for Clwyd South, Ken Skates, welcomed data which shows the Welsh Labour Government is investing in improving North Wales’ roads – in contrast to the ‘complete hash Westminster is making’ of the A55/A483 junction on the Wrexham/Cheshire border.

In response to a question from Conservative AM Janet Finch-Saunders in the Senedd last Wednesday (June 10), Transport Minister Edwina Hart said that the average spend per person on roads in North Wales is £135 since 2011. In comparison, the spend per head in south-east Wales is 14% lower at £118.

Mr Skates said: “This significant investment in our transport infrastructure is vital, and the level of funding invested by the Welsh Labour Government in North Wales demonstrates a clear determination to address transport concerns.

“In contrast, the Tory UK Government is making a complete and utter hash of roadworks at the A55/A483 junction, where there is still no end in sight to the disruption caused to commuters from Clwyd South and across North East Wales.”

In response to the enquiry by Ms Finch-Saunders, the Tory AM for Aberconwy, the Minister said: “I am committed to improving the strategic road network in Wales and I am considering options for further investment in North Wales. Can I make it clear that we are making substantial investments in the A55?

“Some of the problems are actually related to what’s happening across our border, but I can assure you – in terms of the programme of investment that we’ve got in North Wales roads – that it’s very substantial. More money is spent on road schemes in North Wales than in south-east Wales: £135 per head compared with £118 per head since 2011.”

Ms Hart added: “I think all of us are committed to improving rail services in North Wales to ensure that we maximise the economic opportunities for jobs and access to services that transport connectivity, both across Wales and further, can deliver for the economy.”