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Plaid need a ‘Plan B on Wylfa B’ says North Wales AM

NORTH WALES AM KEN SKATES has warned that Plaid Cymru’s lack of support could jeopardise investment into a new nuclear power station on Anglesey.

Speaking in a Senedd debate on the issue on Wednesday, the Labour AM said Plaid Cymru’s position on a new nuclear power station for the island was ‘confused’ and risked putting off major investors.

While local AM Ieuan Wyn Jones supports a nuclear power station on Ynys Mon, the party nationally is officially opposed to the expansion of nuclear power.

The Labour AM said as a potential party of government such a position risked destabilising long-term investment to a Wylfa B project.
Clwyd South AM KEN SKATES said:

“Ynys Mon has a long history with nuclear power due to the current Wylfa site which has provided high skilled jobs for local people over many years.  Anglesey’s economic development strategy the “Energy Island” seeks to strengthen this by targeting a new Wylfa B project as part of a wider regeneration strategy.

“The problem is that Wales’ energy policy needs a degree of cross party consensus and a comprehensible framework that investors, markets and customers know will stand the test of time.

“That is why I worry that Plaid Cymru’s lack of a clear, consistent policy on Nuclear power, should they ever take the keys of Government, could destabilise investors from getting involved in any Wylfa B project.

“Plaid’s policy on nuclear is a bit like a vegetarian that secretly eats bacon when nobody’s looking.  Their confusion and dogmatic hostility to Nuclear is not shared by the local AM who has been an effective champion for a new nuclear power station on Anglesey.  Leanne Wood and her leadership team, however, are not so keen. 

“In two weeks the people of Ynys Mon go to the polls in a very important local election.  Voters deserve to know whether Plaid Cymru supports this major capital project and jobs boost to the local economy or whether it is content to see the island struggle on and see Wales even more dependent on outsiders for its energy security.

“Plaid Cymru urgently needs a Plan B on Wylfa B.”