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Rogue off-road drivers blasted by AM

Clwyd South Assembly Member Ken Skates has blasted as “irresponsible and reckless” off road drivers who destroy sensitive countryside and cause distress for local residents.

He was speaking after a meeting with police, community representatives and residents who had contacted him after numerous instances of damage and abuse by drivers using so-called ‘green lanes’ for recreational driving.

Clwyd South Ken Skates said, “These drivers are acting absolutely reprehensibly. Their activities are causing distress to a huge number of my constituents, as well as damaging some of the most beautiful and fragile countryside in the region.

“We know that people come from across the country to drive on these roads and, while we welcome responsible off road enthusiasts to the area, it is simply unacceptable for an irresponsible and reckless minority to cause such serious damage to these by-ways.

“In some cases the damage is so severe that that previously enjoyable paths are now impassable except by specialist vehicles.

“Quite frankly, if a local farmer caused the damage that we see from such ‘enthusiasts’ they would not only lose their farms payments but would see themselves prosecuted.

“I know there’s no silver bullet that will see the problem of irresponsible and anti-social drivers disappear overnight.

“However, I hope that by bringing the police, the Council and local residents together, we can find a way to manage this issue that means that off road enthusiasts can enjoy the challenging terrain that exists in our area without damage to the natural environment, while residents are able to live in peace.”