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‘Think Local, Buy Local’ says AM

CLWYD SOUTH AM KEN SKATES is encouraging shoppers in Wrexham to ‘Think Local, Buy Local’ and support their High Street retailers.

The AM said the recent Horsemeat scandal had caused everyone to think more carefully about food and he urged consumers to check out the variety of retailers such as butchers and grocers on the local High Street.

The AM said a new food revolution could help revitalise the flagging High Street.


“The recent revelations about Horsemeat being detected in some processed food products feel like a watershed moment.  For too long we have ignored the importance of food and been too casual in permitting the adulteration and misrepresentation of the products we consume on a daily basis. 

“As ever, it is those living on low incomes that are being placed at the very greatest risk.

“The great irony of all this, of course, is that North Wales produces some of the highest quality raw food – some of the finest dairy produce, vegetables and some of the best tasting meat you can find anywhere in the world.  Our dinner tables should be bursting with good quality, healthy and nutritious produce.

“That’s why I’d certainly encourage everyone to think local, buy local when they go out to shop.  By exploring what we can all purchase more locally, I think people will regain confidence in the food they consume and give to their family.

“Importantly, I think everyone can do this. When it comes to items like fruit and veg or meat, the price offered by the local greengrocer or family butcher is very competitive. I’d also encourage supermarkets do even more to source more of its products from the local region.

“We’ve got to start reconnecting with food and understanding more about where it comes from and how it is handled.  A new food revolution of this kind will help revitalise the flagging local high street by becoming a place people can buy and experience top quality produce and food.”