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Wrexham wages £120 less than UK average

NEW ECONOMIC FIGURES released by the Welsh Government show workers in Wrexham earn more than £120 a week less than the UK average.

The latest Regional Economic and Labour Market Profile for North Wales published by the Welsh Government shows gross full-time earnings in the local authority area were below the UK average – £485.80 a week in Wrexham compared to £607.10 across the UK. 

Across Wales the average gross weekly wage is £520.70 per week.

The figures also showed a big disparity in earnings within the six local authority areas of North Wales.  In Flintshire the average weekly wage was £542.50 but in Gwynedd the figure was £442.80.

The Labour AM said average wages were failing to keep track of household expenditure and causing in-work poverty to increase.


“The latest economic figures for Wrexham highlight that the average full-time wage in the region is over £120 less than the rest of the UK.

“There is also a worrying inequality gap opening up within North Wales itself, with average workers in Flintshire earning over £542 week, but in Gwynedd the average full-time worker earns £100 less at £442 a week.

“It’s clear from the figures that one of the key lifelines keeping families in Wrexham afloat is the help they get in the form of tax credits.  However with fuel bills rising, the cost of food and transport also sky rocketing, the household budget in areas like Wrexham is being squeezed tighter and tighter. 

“Wages are flatlining and this is only increasing the amount of in-work poverty we are seeing across communities.  The UK Government’s austerity programme is obviously penalising not only those out of work, but is also hitting those who are in employment and having to work even harder just to stay afloat and pay the bills.

“In contrast to the Labour Welsh Government, which is helping to protect hard working people, the UK coalition government is standing idle as energy and transport costs rise while incomes shrink back further.

“Clearly a situation whereby we see an even bigger squeeze on average weekly incomes over the next few years will only serve to bring further misery to communities right across Wrexham.”


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Regional Economic and Labour Market Profile for North Wales published by the Welsh Government published on 30th April;jsessionid=7C552589D14108E957736A30900F7310?lang=en